Our headquarters is based in Santiago, Chile but our professional team is from all over the world. This has helped us to provide a holistic approach to meeting our goal, which is simply to provide the the best online courses and training in 3 separate but connected areas: Nutrition, Exercise and Beauty.

Each professional in our organization represents years of experience in their respected field, but has a very special characteristic….they love to teach! Everyone involved with The Good Life is passionate about helping people.

We originally chose Nutrition, Exercise and Beauty because we believe these are important paths to bringing out the best versions of ourselves. Consequently, the mission statement for The Good Life is to create courses that:

– Are simple to follow and can be applied to real life

– Are affordable and within reach for those with a real desire to improve

– Are interesting and fun, we don’t want people falling asleep!

– Are top-tier quality, which principally comes from our top class instructors